Potty Training Boot Camp

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Is Your Toddler  Ready for Potty Training Boot Camp?  Is it Time for both of you??

Potty training is a major milestone for both parents and the kids themselves. It requires patience, big time. It also requires a knack for celebrating baby steps (aka motivation and encouragement for the child). While every child is definitely unique and every parent has a different patience and timing expectations, there are some common threads that can lead to success.

For starters, potty training success is more about how ready the toddler is and not necessarily about a specific age(2, 2  ½, 18 months, etc.). It also depends on the social conditions. Is mom or dad working? Does the child have to be at dropped off at a Day Care? Are there older siblings in the house? While many kids may show interest to start potty training between the ages of 1 ½ to 2 years, others may not be emotionally ready till they are a bit older, say 3 years. Some children wet their beds, especially at night well into elementary school age.

Bottom line, if you rush and start potty training too early when your toddler is not ready, it might take longer and become a more frustrating task to train the child. Some cities now offer a weekend Potty Training Boot Camp, where the parent basically outsources the ‘project’ to a specialist for a 3 day potty training boot camp.

Questions to ask yourself?

  • Does the child show any interest in the potty chair or toilet? How about in wearing underwear?
  • Does your child try to alert you through words, facial expressions, or making other gestures when he or she needs to go potty? Or do you only get to know after they have gone by way of the diapers and they then alert you?
  • Can you communicate easily with the child, and can the child follow basic domestic instructions?
  • Can your child stay dry for two hours or more during the day? How often do you have to change diapers?
  • Does he or she complain or cry about wet or dirty or “heavy” diapers?
  • Can he or she pull down the pants and pull them up again? Has the child ever done that without your urging?
  • Can your child sit on and rise from the potty chair?
  • Has he or she ever asked to sit on the toilet seat in your rest room?
  • Does your child have a doll he or she plays with that you can demonstrate potty training with?

Potty Training Boot Camp

If you answered yes to majority of these questions, it might be time to start for potty training. If  on the other hand, if you answered no to most of the questions or only yes to perhaps half of them, your child may not be emotionally ready and  you might want to wait awhile. Other factors to consider is also whether or not the child is about to face other challenges such as a relocation to a new setting, mom starting a new job, arrival of a new sibling, etc.

A child who may not be emotionally ready today for any reason known to him or her, but come around and ready for the plunge a few days, weeks or months later, depending on the surrounding or prevailing circumstances around the child.

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Ready, set, go!

When both you and the child decide that it’s time to begin potty training, do everything you can to ensure he or she (and you too) are set up for success. Motivational sense of humor, encouraging jokes and treats, and a positive mental attitude (not to mention patience) will help pave the way. If your child is enrolled in daycare or has caregivers besides yourself, it is important and helpful that they be part of the team to ensure consistency. Everybody involved needs to be on the same page so as not to confuse the child and suffer regression. I t will also be helpful to develop a checklist or little cheat sheet on do’s and don’ts for you and your team.

Once these preliminaries are out of the way, you and your child are ready for successful Potty Training journey.For more information and other background details on potty training, you can also check out this related article on Baby Center